Silent Bodies

by Kodiak Empire

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Kodiak Empire is Bryce Carleton, Josh Engel, Joseph Rabjohns, Benjamin Shannon and Jacob Warren

A very big thank you to: Matt Bach; Greg, The Drum Cartel: John Stefulj; Govinda Doyle; Nikolas Strugar; Cody McWaters; Tallpoppy Studios; and all the bands and friends we've met along the way


released August 5, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Govinda Doyle, Galaxial Paradise, Tweed River

Preproduction and demos by Nikolas Strugar

Cover artwork: Jos. A. Smith, Horse With Inner Fire, © 2004

Photos by Shanahan Flanders

Design and layout by Nikolas Strugar/Ravens at Odds

All music written and performed by Kodiak Empire

Benjamin Shannon published by Double Drummer Music Publishing

Ocean and Sky, Connochaetes and Hakbah feature the Saxophone of John Stefulj



all rights reserved


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Kodiak Empire

Kodiak Empire are a five-piece from Brisbane bringing many musical flavours together to create a dramatic blend of progressive/
alternative rock.


  • Mar 04
    Fortitude Valley, QLD

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Track Name: Ocean and Sky
Can you hear the voices?
With eyes
My hands will pull you under

My mouth is so tasteless
Bone dry
I’m sweating my insides from hunger
The richest of red dyes

Just like the stagnant buzz of breath it’s gone
When you question whether your minds lost nothing is lossless

Now I’m seized by a breeze and
Carried from confidence

Why do my enquiries grow evermore infinite?

I’m stolen like generations
I’m frozen in my connotations
As I’m regretting reprimanding my regrets
Waiting for waves of serotonin
Only time is more endless

I’m seized by a breeze in here
And Carried from confidence
Track Name: Sun
I was eaten alive by the reflection of my own teeth
From the inside out meat, second me, cannibal eternal

Son of Marcus the first,
Raised in the shadow of patriarchal blur,
Shadows need the sun

Hindsight proposes a treatment at night,
When no moments suffice to outline
The culture shift

And it's seemingly burdening

Son of Marcus the first,
Raised in the shadow of patriarchal blur,
Shadows need the sun

And to you adieu

Sundered the soul
Thunderous realisations
Track Name: Paso Doble
There is peace and tranquillity
When tranquillised in pieces
And to snicker otherwise
Shows facetiousness

That shall test
Queries ability
And I’m guaranteed humble humility is adrift on a flat earth sea

Have we been biding our time through the centuries? Waiting for the perfect moment to display some signs of empathy

View through red prespex
Feel the horn
We are all
The matador

I swear all you do is speak
And breathe
See how many minds you can hypnotise
And coerce to agree

And now is were vision needs action
A voice with a plan is for deaf ears
Without Passion

Who’s willing to stand
For evidence
Supported in a lack of trust
When the time comes
To be courageous
Will you raise your hand or wave the red flag?

I swear all you do is speak
And breathe
See how many minds you can hypnotise
And coerce to agree with the opinions you spray
Whilst sucking in your cheeks

Cease the ignition
Silence is fuel in remission
Suffocate oxygen
Cease the ignition
Silence is fuel
Track Name: Connochaetes
Serenity under surveillance (No contemplation)

Documented obscenely assure prevalence (No contemplation)

To sway with the pull the grasp
Track Name: Wild Swans
How can you stand by idly?
When its so obvious there’s no drive to be
Civilised in a backward evolution

Is this a mirage in front of me?
Sacrifice my brain to be entertained is it comforting?
To willingly participate in your lobotomy
We’ve been maimed and shaped by deities
Belief imprisons fact to mould society

Make sure all your questions are sent to authority
As deviant to think that were standing on the brink of our downfall
Tell me I’m not the only one wanting to jump
And find
A swinging vine

You hold so dear this grip on fear and knowledge you wish to be true
So wait as my knife inches in closer to your spine

Those who stand at tables dressed in white cloth
Submit their willingness to logic
Can’t you see our illness is chronic?
Don’t trust yourself
Not to trust the words they keep on eyelevel shelves
If there’s such a thing as hell it’s the mind of the unknowingly ignorant

Pull back the foliage
To discover poison at the roots
Some people see a little more clearly when they stare
And it’s safe to say in this empire age
None of us can bank on being safe for too long

We place our faith
In 1000 faces
With one name

Its tempting to walk into the water
And breathe in
When this error ends can we be sure
Another will begin

Don’t dance on the edge of your shadow
Waiting for light to chase away night on the side of the road
Is it worth it?

Is it worth the effort of screaming when fully submerged in dirt?
From what I’ve heard
A Whisper is often misinterpreted
Our culture burns
Made from mistakes we’ve learned from

The sky will shine when we realise
Track Name: Hakbah
Staring into blank
As our memories paint
Cotton canvas

I chose to blur the edge of grace
Thinking straight
Until dreams start shifting out of shape

Pulsating away into the distance
With my sight in rewind

I’ve thrown away those original visions
With and empty abyss of a mind

And when we saw how far from regular we would stray
We realised our instinct cant be tamed

My sights in rewind
In an empty abyss

Reminiscence a glistening enemy
Beauty is in remembering
Caught in this state of mass sanitation its
All noise rot language into white

Needle to the brain
Fill my skull as I start to change
And my structure decays